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Sigh of Relief


Well, thank god that's over and done with!

I finally mustered the courage yesterday evening to tell one of my bosses (the nice one) that I'm not coming back after Christmas. I thought he was going to take it badly, but he was actually quite good about it.

He did say that I'm leaving at a bad time, right in the middle of a project, but he was glad with such early notice because he said they can really prepare for the project with that in mind.


He didn't think a year's sabbatical was feasible, though, but I'm not really bothered about that anyway. It looked better to ask for it, more than anything.

I told him that I wasnt planning on giving official notice to my other boss (yes, that fecker!):( for another month or so, but he wants me to tell him as soon as possible. Ugh!

So, a weight has been lifted. :) I know I was silly for dreading it, but I just hate giving my notice. I still have 4 long months to go, but at least they know now...

Lying in bed last night, one thing hit me.....

Now, that this is all becoming a reality....

I reeeeeeallly need to start saving!!!!!!!!!

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Watch out NZ!


Just got a call from VISA FIRST to say that my visa for New Zealand has been approved! Hurray!

I can't wait to live in this country, I've been looking forward to seeing it for such a long time, and I'm thrilled now that I dont have to rush around doing tourist things in a short time.

I think I'll try and get a job in Wellington first - because Fiona said so It sounds like a good spot!
While I'm there, I'm going to get my claws into one of the nice rugby players, and then trick him into marrying me, so that I can stay in New Zealand forever. Good plan, eh? ;)

After Wellington, I might go south to Queenstown for 6 months and explore the South Island.

I'm so excited!!!!

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Just booked an appointment for my travel vaccs. Ugh!

Not for a while yet though..:)

Pretty happy too, just found out I get 15% off as VHI member. Happy days!

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Everything's falling into place!

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The ball is really rolling now! I just went looking for a bit of simple information on how to apply for my NZ visa, and 10 mins later I've got it! :)

Just have to hear back from them but I'm assured there shouldnt be any problem, and they took my credit card details...(I was a bit iffy handing those over..but I suppose its the same thing as giving them over the phone..)

Talk about effortless! I launched a chat window and an operator went through the process with me there and then. It couldnt have been easier. :) The company are called VISA First in case anyone is looking for info on Oz/Nz visas.

This time last week, I had nothing organised at all...now I seem to be on some sort of roll!

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Spur of the Moment

I've finally put my (well, the bank's) money where my mouth is!

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Hurray! Feeling a strange mix of nerves (oh God, what have I done...I didnt really think this through) and complete excitment (Yahoo! This means I'm on my way FINALLY!)

I did it. I just booked the preliminary flights for my RTW trip. I've been talking about it for so long at this stage, I was even beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get my ass in gear and do it.

Anyway, I've been keeping a close eye on some ridiculously cheap fares over the last while and today they went up slightly, so that was the impetus for the RASH DECISION.

So, I'm booked on a flight to NYC on 3 Jan and then on a flight from there to Lima 2 days later.

I've also reserved, but not paid for, a flight from Buenos Aires to Auckland (which is about €1000 ouch!) in late Feb.

Excitement, excitement, excitement......

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