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My new backpack

A short review

As some of you know, I'm planning a round the world trip in the not too distant future. After much deliberation and driving shop assistants round the bend, I recently invested in a new backpack. I found it pretty mind-blowing looking at all the different packs that are on the market. It took some time to eventually find what I think is a good one. So here are a few points about the pack - they might help others who are looking for something similar.

It's the Berghaus Spirit 65+15. I'm extreeeeemly happy with it. It fits like a glove!

1) It has a Biofit backsystem which is really comfortable. It's designed so that the main body of the pack is away from your back. Allows a lot of air between you and the pack. The hip straps seem to take a lot of the weight as well(so far...admittedly, I'm basing this on walking around the sitting room with some stuff in it...but I suspect that I wont have any complaints)

2) It comes with its own waterproof cover. This attaches with a velcro strip and a zip and completely covers the pack.

3) It has a zip-over cover for the back straps for when you're not carrying it on your back.

4) It has a side handle and also a detachable shoulder strap

5)It has a 15L day pack which has two compartments and a side pocket for a water-bottle or whatever

6)It has a bottom compartment for shoes/smelly clothes/etc

7) It has zips which open down the sides for easy access to your clothes.

8) There is a medium-sized mesh compartment inside the pack and one or two small pockets as well.

9) It has a strap at the top of the pack which can hold a sleeping bag/mat/etc

10) It also has this i-trak thing (which it a total gimmick although might come in handy). Basically, you register your details and the pack number online and this will enable Berghaus to track your pack anywhere in the world if it gets lost.

It cost me €220 and I think its going to be worth every penny.

The best thing about the Berghaus Spirit: It's very very very comfortable.


Ps: Will upload a pic soon

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Mica & The Hippie

Alicante, Spain

When I was on holidays in Alicante a couple of years ago my friends and I met an old hippie. We were just sitting outside a bar having a few beers in the sun and he came up and sat near us with his little dog, Mica. He was a complete stoner and it appeared that he spent most, if not all, of every day completely wasted. We bought him a beer and he sat and chatted with us for a few hours. As the afternoon went lazily by, he sat there skinning up joints one after another.

Every now and then, he'd take a big drag on his spliff, take little Mica on his lap and blow a stream of smoke into the dog's mouth. Mica didnt seem to have much of a problem with this, other than walking around banging into tables and walls. Lol! Then he'd launch into a 20 minute rant about something or other (he was actually pretty interesting to listen to) and direct the odd question at Mica who'd gaze up at him adoringly.

Debiliating drug habit aside, he seemed like a very content individual who was seeing the world with his little dog. He seemed to have little or no possessions and not a lot of money, but I found myself feeling pretty happy just spending a few hours chatting to him.

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Dicks on Tour

Yosemite, California

I was chatting to someone today and I remembered something that happened to me and some friends when we were in America a few years ago. I had forgotten about it, and it had me in knots laughing today just thinking about it.

We had hired a van in San Fran and drove up to Yosemite. We arrived pretty late the first evening and picked a spot to camp in. We left our car at the spot and went off to do a bit of exploring before dark. When we got back to the spot, some German travellers had set up camp there and had settled in.

We explained to them that we had picked this spot and that we even had left some stuff in the metal bunker. They argued a bit but eventually gave in and moved somewhere else. We settled down for the night, happy that we had stood our ground.

The following morning we got up and were greeted with the following sight - the word "DICK" had been scratched into the side of the van in massive letters. YIKES!!! We could only assume it was the Germans from the night before....

That was early in the road trip. We had to drive around California for the next week with DICK on the side of the car.

When we got back to SF all the girls stood in front of that side of the van so the guy at the car hire place wouldnt notice! LOL!!
We never heard anymore about it!

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Inspired by Nature

Riva del Garda, Italy

One of the times I remember being most in awe of my surroundings while travelling was the following:

I was in Italy camping on the side of an olive grove high above a little Italian town. Looking out the door of my tent I could see the whole town twinkling below as dusk began to fall. This place was situated at the edge of a lake at the base of a mountain which loomed over everything - a really beautiful part of the world. It was August so there was THUNDER in the air - I remember sitting at the door of the tent smoking a j and soaking up the heat.

As night fell, thunder started to roll in the sky. It got closer and closer and suddenly there was this enormous crack and lightning lit up the whole place. The mountain, which had all but disappeared in the darkness, was completely illuminated - the best thunder and lightning storm EVER went on for the next half an hour. Fantastic flashes of light lit up the sky and I saw the place in a completely different light. It was like nature's very own fireworks display. It definitely surpassed any real fireworks show I've ever seen! Eventually the thunder began to roll off into the distance and everything quietened down again. I felt so "charged" or something by the electricity in the air - exhilirated.

And then the rain came...that very heavy, wet, wet rain that falls after thunder. It quenched the energy in the air and in me, and I fell asleep listening to the sound of it drumming against the tent.

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