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July 2005

Great Gadzooks Batman!

I never realised becoming a pincushion was such a costly business!!

semi-overcast 20 °C

Okay, so I've calmed down a bit from yesterday. Apologies for the explosion...

Back at work this morning...Il Fuhrer is still faffing about with his palm-top, but I've decided to set aside my plans to remove his spleen today, instead opting to waste the company's time and money by doing MY kind of research - i.e. checking out what travel vaccines I'm going to need in the coming months.

Yikes! There's a lot!! Although, maybe I don't need everything...

[*]Typhoid - €35

[*]Hep A - €46 x2

[*]Hep b - €30 x3

[*]Yellow Fever - €35

[*]Polio - €35

[*]Meningococcal Menigitis - €50

[*]Flu vaccine - €15

[*]Tetanus - €17

[*]Rabies - €25 x3

[*]Japanese B Enceph - €50 x4

[*]Tuberculosis - €15

And then there's the anti-malarials and repellent paraphenalia, and finally the doctors consulation fee (€50).
I've underlined the ones I think I will really need.....(if anyone reading this is an expert on vaccinations, whatcha think?)

Also, I'm not entirely sure how soon I should start getting these vaccs. The Tropical Medical Bureau website recommends at least 4 weeks before leaving...but that sounds a little bit too close for comfort to me. I'm thinking of maybe making an appointment for end of Oct/start of Nov.

This might be a silly question, but is there any reason why I shouldnt be getting them a few months before leaving?

Ugh...not relishing the thought of being stuck that many times....:( but it's all for a good cause! :)

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Piss & Vinegar

Yes, I'm having a bad day!

It's official - I hate my boss!!!! and my job. I wonder if he can feel the thousands of daggers I'm shooting in his Armani-clad back. I cant stand his annoying motivational phrases like

"Come now guys, not enough WOW factor there. We can do better than that...hmmm?"

I fantasise about hiding his palm-top (which seems to be permanently glued to his hand!) and strategically placing a blob of jam (or maybe glue, if I'm feeling really wicked) on his seat so he's walking around with a suspicious looking stain on his Tommy Hilfigers for the rest of the day!

Okay, so thats childish, I know, but I wont allow myself to indulge the more sinister leanings I might have towards him!

I dream about spewing a bilous diatribe on him and telling him to stuff his job, then storming out of the place with enough WOW factor to blow his pea-sized brain completely!


I feel slighly better now. Thanks for listening. :)

6 months to go.....depression sets in....:(

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Kicking back in Kerry!

The best weekends are always the ones that you dont plan in advance.

sunny 30 °C

By 4 o'clock on Friday afternoon, I was so bored at work that my head had gone numb and I was contemplating saying a number of very rude and expletive things to my boss. Just in time, my brother rang to tell me he'd made a snap decision to pack up the car and head to Dingle for the weekend. Was I up for it???

All that was left of me in the office car park at 5:30 were some big black skid-marks! :D

Got home, threw some essentials in my pack and we hit the road. The weather forecast for the wknd was promising blue skies and lots of sun, and it was certainly shaping up that way. Apart from a pitstop in Tralee for petrol and some Mars bars, we made Dingle in just over two hours. Even though we'd packed the tent and camping gear in the boot of the car, we rang ahead to the Rainbow Hostel and, as luck would have it, they had one twin room left! Rainbow Hostel is a great spot! A spotlessly clean hostel with good facilities and about 10 mins walk from Dingle. (meant to take a photo but forgot :( )

Headed straight into town to Conaire's pub to meet up with my brother's friends. One of them is jsut back from a few months in India, so I was happy to spend a few hours picking her brains and listening to all her travel stories. :) Conaire's was quite a lively spot - there was a trad band in the for the night and the walls of the pub were pratically heaving with ppl up dancing and singing. We fancied somewhere a bit more chilled out after a few hrs, so we decided to check out the wine bar up the street. This place was really nice - you would not expect to find it in Dingle. It serves quite late, and has some of the best pizza Ive ever tasted! Yum. After a few glasses of wine, we all meandered homewards emjoying the warmth of the night.

10:30 a.m. Saturday. Woken by LOUD knocking at our door telling us we had to get up. Groan. Pain in head. Meant to drink at least two glasses of water before bed last night....We had to get up and get dressed, get our thing together pretty quickly. Initially, we were told that Sat night was booked out at the hostel, but when we went downstairs to pay, the girl in charge told us she had just had a cancellation and asked if we'd liek to stay another night. We could have stayed in bed after all....LOL. Oh well, it was good to be up anyway. After dumping our gear back upstairs, getting on some new clothes and washing up, we decided breakfast sounded good. We walked into town to wake ourselves up. I love the smell of the sea air! And what an amazing morning - blue sky, sun sparking on the water and on the boats - it was good to be alive.

This is where we had breakast - Darcy's. I had scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, lots of fresh coffee, orange juice and toast. Pain in the head was gone within a few mins and I was right as rain.! :)


The day was stretching out ahead of us with lots of possibilities - we could go swimming, we could sit outside in the sun and read, we could explore the town....in the end we decided to go for a hike. At the mouth of the bay, there was a hill with a look-out tower at the top which looked interesting, so we piled into the car and drove out along the bay to the foot of this.


The heat was really starting to build up by now, and I wasnt relishing the thought of encasing my feet in my big hiking boots, so i opted to leave on my sandals. Mistake! Half-way up the hill we came upon what seemed like oceans of gorse!! I had to trudge through this for at least 15 mins. Ow! Ow! Ow!

But the pain was definitely worth it. The views of Dingle from the top were spectacular. YOu really wouldn't think you were in Ireland.It was more like Croatia or the South of France or something.


We spent a couple of hours lying in the sun and chatting, and soaking it all up. This is Ireland at its best. We dont often get weather like this.



Eventually, when we all started to feel hungry and thirsty, we made our way back down. We arranged to meet a friend out in Ballyferriter, so we took the Slea Head drive out past DunChaoin and the Blaskets. It was funny to see the confused tourists standing out with their English language maps looking at the Irish roadsigns. Lol!!


This is a beehive hut that we spotted at along the way.
We spent the rest of the day out in Ballyferriter drinking in the sun. When the sun eventually went down heaeded back into Dingle for something to eat. Spent the rest of the night crawling the pubs and listening to the Irish lads winding up the American tourists. It was hilarious!! LOL. Ended up back in the wine bar to finish off the night. Didnt crawl into bed until well after four.

Sunday More knocking at 10:30a.m. Up, shower, pack, back into Darcy's for brekkie. Everyone feeling very tired this morning. Decided on a short walk around the headland at the mouth of the bay to wake us up. Found a secluded little beach and spent the next few hours watching Fungi the Dolphin in the water. He followed some jet-skiers right up to where we were, and jumped out of the water metres away. I'm a big kid, so this was the highlight of my day! :) I got pretty sunburned even though the weather was cloudy in the morning, so eventually I had to reluctantly leave the beach and head back.

In the afternoon, one of my brother's friends was having a barbeque to celebrate her birthday, so we picked up food, beer and a present. The bbq was great, and I ended up being head chef. Lol! I'm still waiting for the phone calls to say taht they are all dying with food-poisoning. We ate until we couldnt eat anymore, and then the weather turned and the mist started to move in from the sea. At about 8 o'clock we packed up the car, and headed back to Limerick, relaxed, full and very tired.

I fell in love with DIngle this weekend. Its a really vibrant town but its not overrun with tourists, and there's so much to see and do down there. I'll definitely be going back for a long weekend very very soon. ;)


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sunny 25 °C

Frustrated by the fact that my trip to Spain is a whole 7 weeks away yet :( I bought the Rough Guide to Spain yesterday to start reading about more about the country.

I've been to Spain once, a few years ago. My ex and I stayed with some friends in an apartment in Torrevieja just outside Alicante. We hired a car and managed to do some exploring around the South-east coast, but I was pretty unimpressed and wanted to leave after a few days there. Maybe we missed the good spots, but it just seems that this part of Spain is crawling with British & Irish tourists and, what was probably once a beautiful coastline, is destroyed by high-rise developments stretching as far as the eye can see.

This time, I'm doing it Myyyy Waaaayyyyy. Spain is somewhere I've wanted to explore for a long time, and even though I only have 10 days this time around, I'm hoping to see quite a lot. :)

Hiring a car seems like a good option. Splitting the cost between two of us, it works out about the same as train-fares, and this way we can cover more ground.

Our flight is landing in Girona early in the day, so we're thinking of picking up the car, putting the boot down, and driving straight through to Madrid. I'm looking fwd to experiencing this city a lot. Spanish ppl I've met in college and worked with over the past few years seem to agree that, while Barcelona is decidely hip and cool, Madrid is less assuming and the ppl are warmer (and no, it's not because they are more inland. LOL). I'm looking fwd to making up my own mind.

I'd like to spend a couple of days in Madrid, there seems to be lots to see there. Two days isnt nearly enough time, but I think you can cover a good bit during this time. Although, I have been warned that you can wake up in Madrid, having lost 2 days of your life and not remember a thing! LOL!!

After Madrid, it's on to Cordoba and then Seville, maybe 2 days in Seville also. Andalucia sounds like an amazing part of the country. I cant wait to see it.

We're hoping to spend a night in Ronda. My brother didnt get to see it when he was last in Spain, and I've got lots of recommendations from ppl on this site to visit it, so we can't miss it! ;)

Then, on to Granada for a night. Looking forward to seeing the Alhambra a lot. One night should be enough here.

The drive to back to Barcelona from Granada is going to be a bit of a beeetch, so I think it might be worth stopping off in Valencia for a night on the way back. We might check out Tarragona, if we dont stay in Valancia. This leaves us with two nights in Barcelona before we head home. :)

We might be taking on a lot for a 10 day trip, but neither of us mind driving very much. I dont want to spend all my time sitting in a car trying to squeeze in everything, but I think it's pretty doable.

If anyone's got any recommedations of places to go, things to do along this route, I'd love to hear them! ;)

In the meantime, it's back to boring old work....:(

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Back to Front?

sunny 18 °C

I'm seriously considering doing my trip in reverse. The more I think about it, the more comfortable I am with the idea.

Checked out some flights today. Found a great deal from Shannon to NYK for €118. Then NYK to Lima is working out at about €360. Santiago to Auckland is an eye-watering €1200, didnt check flights to Oz...but then Melbourne to KL was about €400.

After that, the bulk of the fligths would be out of the way, apart from a my flight home at the end of the trip. Working in NZ for the year would also allow me to gather some more funds for the SE Asia leg.

Honestly, I'm very daunted at the prospect of India as the first stop on the trip. I think leaving this until the end is wiser for a few reasons. Firstly, I will be a savvy traveller by the time I get there and it will probably not seem daunting at all.:) Secondly, what a great place to end a RTW trip :) Thirdly, I'll be getting the more expensive half of the trip out of the way first, and wont need as much money for the second half.

I'll probably have changed my mind again by this time next week. Lol!

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